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Books of the Holidays-12 books, 15 days



Shadow and Bone By Leigh Bardugo

Wow…what a wonderful introduction to the Grisha world! It has a very complex setting, but the author includes maps and diagrams to help the reader understand. There are a lot of plot twists and I found myself becoming rather attached to some of the characters. I especially enjoyed reading about Mal since the author had a unique way to develop his character. His story was mainly told through flashbacks, making me further empathise with him.

Rating: Well-written 8/10


Siege and Storm By Leigh Bardugo

A very interesting sequel. Again, more plot twists. However, I especially enjoyed the foreshadowing in this book. I often guessed the plotline and enjoyed it since the actual story was completely different. The characters’ personalities change throughout the novel, and the transformation was especially highlighted through flashbacks. However, I would have liked more definitive romance-I wasn’t sure who I should ship the main character with. Nevertheless, I was completely hooked!

Rating: Hooked 8.5/10


Ruin and Rising By Leigh Bardugo

The final book of the trilogy. The protagonist and a group of her friends face the world in a daring fashion. It reminded me of Divergent, Hunger Games and other action-packed reads. I particularly enjoyed the themes friendship and romance being explored. The ending was rather fascinating too.

Rating: Action-packed 8.5/10


A Thousand Perfect Notes by C.G. Drews

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In short, not a lot happened, and I was also able to guess everything well before it took place. Perhaps some more characters would have made the book more exciting. However, it was beautifully, even poetically (dare I say) written.  Beck’s (the protagonist’s) thoughts and feelings are empathised and I found myself really worried for him from the beginning.

Rating: Unique 6/10


Two Can Keep A Secret by Karen M. McManus

Wonderful mystery book. I was hooked the whole way through and was trying to guess the murderer along with the protagonist. It was told in Sherlock Holmes style-we as the reader learn all the clues along with the protagonist. However, the ending definitely took me by surprise, and I wasn’t all too happy with it. Definitely one of my favourite mysteries though!

Rating: Mystery 9/10


The Extinction Trials-Exile by S.M. Wilson

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One of THE BEST books of these holidays and all time. I absolutely enjoyed predicting the future scenes-sometimes I was right, sometimes wrong. The love between Lincoln and Storm was especially interesting, as S.M. Wilson dropped hints but never really explained it. This is perfect for anyone who wants an action book not filled with romance. I was able to understand the background of the characters, their thought processes their reasons for their actions. By the end of this second book, the full family relationships are revealed and you can see how much you got right. Woow soo good!

Rating: Wonderful! 10/10


Six of Crows by By Leigh Bardugo

Set in the same place as the Shadow and Bone trilogy. This saved the author from having to re-explain the setting, so make sure you read the books in order. Very interesting plot and I loves all the characters as well. I found them all very relatable and jovial. Again, foreshadowing, character development and flashbacks are done well.

Rating: Hooked 10/10


Crooked Kingdom by By Leigh Bardugo

The second of the duology. Really enjoyed the plot and was fully hooked. I already knew the characters, so I fully empathized with them all. However, the ending seemed rather forced, but the plot twists make up for this. Perfect for romance, action, thriller and mystery lovers.

Rating: Plotline magnificent 9.5/10


Amelia Westlake by Erin Gough

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In short, This book was so relatajoyable (that’s a combination of relatable and enjoyable) because I love jokes, puns, pranks…the whole lot! The characters are all pretty smart and come up with great ideas. If one of them acts dumbly, another is always there to chastise them and make us readers feel contented. Superb comedy-a relaxing, easy yet deep read.

Rating: Comedic 10/10


Thunder Head by Neal Shusterman:

The first book was good, but this was is downright boring. I never managed to finish it-just too repetitive. Good idea, but poorly executed.

Rating: Monotonous 2/10


After the Lights Go Out by Lili Wilkinson

Pretty thoughtful read, but I wasn’t able to relate to it. I enjoyed the plot twists and the ending, but some parts we slightly monotonous. Definitely worth reading and very unique-I had no idea this type of lifestyle (preparing for the end of the world) existed!

Rating: Unique 7/10


The Belles by Dhonielle Clayton

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In short, The Belles is a wonderful book, with lots of characters, twists and unpredictable events. It started off with an important and fascinating scene, but became slightly monotonous in the middle. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the ending and will definitely read the next book in the series.

Rating: Pretty 9/10


Wow so I did a lot of reading these holidays! Which ones have you read?

Hope to hear from you,






inky State Library Victoria

Wow! You know the Leigh Bardugo series is going to be made into a Netflix series? Love that you rated some books 10 out of 10! There's nothing better than discovering a book you LOVE!

24th Apr, 19

Thanks for the ratings I so want to read A thousand perfect notes is sounds super good. xx

27th Apr, 19

YESSSSS!!!! I've read both of C.G Drews books in all honesty I prefer The Boy Who Steals Houses but A Thousand Perfect Notes is a good read that is quick and easy to get through. Trigger warning for abuse and abusive scenes.

28th Apr, 19

I have read the boy who steals house and I LOVED IT!!

29th Apr, 19

I like your review style and layout!

4th Feb, 20