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The Extinction Trials-Books 1 & 2 REVIEW -No spoilers :)

Aaaaahhh!!!!!!! What a wonderful book by S.M. Wilson!!! So many plot twists and unexpected turns. Both books begin¬† on EarthAsia, the continent on which the human population lives. Piloria is the land of the dinosaurs, much like Jurassic Park. Overpopulation is the cause of hunger and severe claustrophobia. The characters decide to participate in a ‘Trial’ to be chosen to go to Piloria to collect dinosaur DNA so that a virus can be created to eradicate them. They have different motives for doing so-to gain extra food, to win medical care for siblings etc.

Though the plague is mentioned in the first book, it is the main plot of the second one. The protagonists return to Piloria to deliver the virus, and collect the remedy to the plague. This is especially interesting since we, as the reader, already know about the dinosaur continent. We can predict the dangers and possible combats to the dinosaurs. However, we cannot predict the actions of humans….

I absolutely enjoyed predicting the future scenes-sometimes I was right, sometimes wrong. The love between Lincoln and Storm was especially interesting, as S.M. Wilson dropped hints but never really explained it. This is perfect for anyone who wants an action book not filled with romance. Meanwhile, Storm’s family is complex, and I often was able to connect the words and pick up on foreshadowing. The book just got better after I began guessing about Storm’s parents! I was able to understand the background of the characters, their thought processes their reasons for their actions. By the end of the second book, the full family relationships are revealed and you can see how much you got right.

The two perspectives from which the story is told is sometimes frustrating. Individual characters each know half the information, but do not piece it together. However, this just made the book even more believable. Similarly, though this book is extremely dystopian, I can understand how it may happen. I loved how realistic it was. 

Overall, this trilogy is among my Top 3 series. I loved how the reader was able to connect everything together while still having surprising moments. It was a feel good book in some places, but had me blinking back tears in other scenes. Looking forward to reading the third book!

Rating: Wonderful! 10/10

This book seriously deserves more publicity, fame and credit!!!



This sounds really good! I'll have to borrow it sometime. (I think my tbr pile is alive. It keeps getting bigger without me doing anything. Anything deliberate, that is.)

2nd Apr, 19

Haha relatable! You should definitely read this book tho!

2nd Apr, 19

In reply to wordsofmaha

Sounds good, I might be interested.

2nd Apr, 19

In reply to lozza

Yes, it is a great book for readers who like many different genres (especially fantasy, mystery, love and sci-fi)!

2nd Apr, 19
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